Competitive Newbie Cup

The Competitive Newbie Cup is an open tournament, created to encourage new players and newbies alike to explore the exciting world of competitive Team Fortress 2. Our aim is to help people improve by offering guidance and support, as well as providing a place to meet and team up with like minded people.

About us

There are two divisions, and each division plays on a seperate date. You should play in the one closest to your location, and you can only play in a single division.

Season 3 (July 2018)

21st July

Signups close 13th July

Season status: Offseason

28th July

Signups close 20th July

If you haven't already, you need to join the discord to take part in the cup. You can also use the discord server to sign up, look for a team, or recruit players for a team you're creating.

How To Sign Up

The format of the cup is Prolander. This means that each team has 7 players, and both teams can only have one of each class. The cup uses a Swiss bracketing system, and most teams will play 3 matches before playoffs. Your team gets 1 point for winning a game, 0.5 points for a tie, and 0 points for a loss. Afterwards, the four teams with the most points will go into playoffs. The playoff games will be best of 3 maps, and whichever two teams win, make it to the grand finals.


To find out more about Prolander, check out

The Format

Maps & Whitelist

In competitive Team Fortress 2 matches, custom, "pro" versions of maps are used. These generally include minor balance and optimization changes. You will need to download these before playing in the cup. simply download each of the maps below and move them to "Team Fortress 2\tf\custom\mymaps\maps".  A custom whitelist is also used on competitive match servers, meaning certain weapons will not be available to use during the cup. You can see which weapons are banned on the whitelist on

Cup maps:





As this cup is designed primarily for newer players, those with higher than Mid UGC Steel or ETF2L Div 6 experience cannot enter without approval from the admin team. However, if you are a more experienced player, you may want to consider becoming a mentor for the cup. You can find out more by joining the discord server.


The rules can be found here. By signing up and playing in our events, you agree to follow and adhere to these rules. Breaking any one of these will lead to a permanent ban, or punishment at the admin's discretion. Our admins also have the right to take action for reasons not listed specifically in the rules, at their own discretion. In the event of disqualification of an individual or team, the party in question forgoes the right to claim any prizes, winnings, or awards.


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Competitive Newbie Cup